Monday, August 15, 2011

strawberry yum!

the last field trip of the year. such a good one. picking fresh strawberries at the fields in carlsbad. this was an extra special trip for miss molly because for 3 years she has been tagging along on these preschool field trips, but we have always driven separately from the school bus. she was just born when will started preschool so she needed to be in a carseat, then it just became a habit. well this time...
...we rode the school bus.
and this girl was soooo excited. "i a big girl, mommy. i ride bus. all three a us sit 'gether on the seat!"
she talked about it for weeks afterwards. in fact, the bus probably gave a more lasting impression on her than the strawberry fields. but they did have a good time, walking down the rows, picking big, ripe, juicy strawberries. and leaving the "baby" ones, the little green ones, to ripen up.

molly was so proud of her little bucket o strawberries.
(aren't molly's sunglasses hilarious? i got them for a $1 at target and they are so funny on her. she loves them.) 

molly and will with the beloved miss ban. she's the director of central montessori, or head of school, and the most wonderful of women...she is the most perfect person to run a school, everyone loves her, especially the kids. she says hello to every single student when they walk in to the school, every single day.

a horrilbe attempt at a class picture. the kids were thrilled with the traffic behind them.
molly is snuggling up with abby. 

see them holding hands. molly is in love with abby. abby was in will's class last year and she was called "little abby" because there was another abby that was older. this year she's just abby, but so marvelous. she is ridiculously cute. i loved watching her at the concert almost as much as i loved watching will. abby is only 1 of 2 girls in will's class...and molly is so smitten with her. especially when she gets to watch her during dance class. :-) 

the three buddies: molly, abby, will

Sunday, August 14, 2011

so proud.

i'm gonna get a jump on my blog because i'm excited to start posting about summer that school is starting..wonder if i'll ever catch least i'm only a season behind.
will's preschool doesn't do a graduation ceremony for preschoolers moving on to kindergarten, which i was very very bummed about, i felt like he got totally jipped. they do put on an end of the year concert though. they sing songs, read, recite poems, and i was happy to learn that will had a solo act reciting a poem. he practiced for weeks and knew every word. 
i was very proud of him for standing up in a room full, FULL, of people, on a stage, at 5 years of age and actually talking. actually remembering all the words. he didn't shy away, he didn't get spooked. he stood strong and tall. so confident.
class teachers: ms. indika & ms. graciela
presenting the poem speakers: abby, will & phillip
abby goes first, then it's will

will's poem:
i wish i could tell you, mom
how much you mean to me
how much i admire you
how much i appreciate you
how much i thank you for everything you have done.
i love you, mom.

(just click on the play button and it should start, it's cute!)
you rock, will. you so rock!

the cutest giraffe out there.
this is part of the spanish song, they danced like this for so much of it. i was laughing. really hard.

so serious.
not a very good picture. but i had to show that he was chosen to dance with a girl for the spanish song. that's my boy.
good bye central montessori! thanks for the fabulous two years!

Friday, July 22, 2011

all things superhero

will decided he would have a superhero party to celebrate his big 5. will is detail oriented, involved, all in, complicated. so i'm not sure why i thought for even one second he would pick 1 superhero to share his party with. no. he picks 3. of course he does. and who i am to deny him that. anyone who knows me, knows i go all in too...hhmmm...interesting.
so, superman, batman, and spiderman, here we come. i get to work. found decorations at party city for batman and spiderman. anyone tried to do a superman party lately? not so easy. ebay and random, random party stores online, that's where you find superman. although it was a lot of time and quite a bit of work, it was kind of fun. plates, cups, confetti, streamers, balloons. definitely had fun doing the favors. everything was related to one of the superhero's. i don't do generic party favors (nothing wrong with them if you do) because i find that they are broken, lost or not cared about...pretty much immediately. so we had batman socks, spiderman bracelets and mini coloring books, silly bandz, superman easter eggs filled with tattoos, batman pails to hold it all. and of course, simple, cute spiderman balls for the little guys.

oh and will, always thinking of everyone, decided because there would be girls at his party, we had to do wonder woman too. thank you target for wonder woman silly bandz, and ebay for rings and tattoos.

yes, will was the star of the party. but lets be honest. the cake. for some reason, i was all about the cake this year. and it was amazing. anyone interested, look no where else: Hey there, Cupcake! make sure you click on her gallery, it's truly unbelievable. she actually has "home sweet home" cupcakes that have little toasters (with toast popping out!) and towels on top. super cute. and her hands created that!

backyard party pretty...

ready for it...will's cake.

so super cool. 

gets even cooler.
the back is draped with superman's cape.

birthday boy waking up from nap.
he loved the transformation of the house into superhero world. 

party thanks for will's buddies. 

superhero mask making.

my very own superhero.

at every birthday party for the kiddo's, i have a picture from their newborn days and they're current birthday pics. this is will at 5 and will at 3 weeks. (and of course the real will peeking at me.)

all of our yummy food.
 i. love. party. food.

actually remembered to get pictures of me and my birthday boy.

love this pic of me and will.

he's been called to save the world!

batman is about to get quite the beating.
don't mess with kids who want candy.
(it was fricken' scary, not sure i will do a pinata again, it was fun. but it was nutso.) 

he blew up.

molly. mask doesn't quite fit.

this is the face of a boy high on sugar. 

batman is done for the night. 

grandma and will. grandma is so cool.
she made her own supergrandma shirt. i think she had secret weapons too. 

molly gets a snuggle.

yay, more sugar. realized later, should have used 5 stick candles.
my 5 year old suddenly became a 55 year old.

present madness. absolute madness. 
happy happy 5, will! until next year....